Bounty: $5000 Enjin Coin Rewards, Multiverse Quests, and Rewards SDK

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Simon Kertonegoro
9 min readNov 9, 2019

If you’ve been following our progress, you know that we’re trying to build the ultimate Enjin Coin ($ENJ) on-ramp for customers in the retail, tourism, hospitality, and education industries.

We’re calling it the “ Builder” and absolutely anyone will be able to use it to create their own Enjin-powered rewards program.


While our development team has been working hard on building the system, I’ve been spending weeks talking to business owners and they are constantly asking things like;

  • “Can I try a demo?”
  • “What’s an Enjin?”
  • “How will this fit with my business?”
  • “How customizable is this system?”
  • “Why can’t I try a demo?”

I know how to take a hint — it’s time to show and prove. Bounty: Launching November

Adopters want a simple demo, but we don’t play it coy at Beyond Horizon.

Here’s a first look at our “demo” platform, Bounty:

There are two things this platform will achieve;

  • A compelling demo that shows people how powerful blockchain rewards can be — and why they should use them.
  • A fun bounty platform that promotes Enjin and the multiverse.

If you would like to create your own blockchain rewards/bounty platform or host a giveaway on ours, please contact us.

Introducing ‘Rio’ — The Multiverse Bounty Coin

Rio will be the primary currency within Bounty.

Moving forward, you will be able to enter giveaways and purchase tokens to receive more Rio.

You will be able to spend your coins on games, items, and discounts.

Rio is a generational coin, which means it is minted in sets, the same way coins are minted in the real world.

The first generation of Rio will be 1,000,000 in supply and is recognizable by its inscription of 2019.001 within the token image and metadata.

That means first-generation Rio coins will be easily distinguishable as the original currency created at the birth of — giving them historical significance over and above what they can be used to purchase.

“Why did I just receive 100 Rio to my Enjin Wallet?”


We’ve sent out an airdrop of 100 Rio to all holders of “The Dawn” and “Enjin MFT”.

You will soon be able to use these tokens in Bounty (and anywhere else that chooses to accept them).

If your wallet hasn’t been blessed by “The Dawn” — grab it here.

ENJ HUNT — $5000 Enjin Coin ($ENJ) up for grabs!

When Bounty launches, you’ll be able to jump in and use your Rio to spin the ENJ HUNT wheel.

There are six ENJ-themed tokens to collect from ENJ HUNT:

  • ENJ: Consumer Trust (500 Supply)
  • ENJ: Certified Authenticity (500 Supply)
  • ENJ: Tangibility (250 Supply)
  • ENJ: Anti-Inflation (250 Supply)
  • ENJ: Real-World Value (50 Supply)
  • ENJ: Asset Scarcity (50 Supply)

As you can see, the tokens concisely showcase the virtues of Enjin Coin.

Upon collecting all 6 tokens, you will be able to use them to craft an ENJ Ingot:

An ENJ Ingot is a block of 1,000 $ENJ (digital gold) that can be melted down and used to create the most technologically advanced digital assets in the world — ERC-1155 tokens.

There will be 50 Ingots and 1600 crafting resources up for grabs.

The tokens of ENJ HUNT will be backed by a total of 75,600 ENJ, valued at $5,000.00 (USD, 7th of November)

Partnerships and Collaborations

I’ve been involved with Enjin for a long time and one of the things that has constantly inspired me is the dedication and enthusiasm of the people in our community.

It has given me the courage to put my own livelihood on the line, adopt Enjin Coin, and try to create something great.

To celebrate some of the players that have shown outstanding commitment and camaraderie in pushing this blockchain gaming movement forward, we are creating some assets in their honor.

The multiverse items we create will be playable in partnered games.

Multiverse Integration: Launching Q1

Quests and Bounties

When we launch Bounty this month, it’s going to be a manual process for us to distribute rewards;

  1. You take part in a giveaway
  2. The giveaway finishes
  3. We drop the items into your account
  4. You use them to play games, acquire assets, and redeem discounts.

We need a funner, more engaging, and more immediate way for people to earn rewards.

When you first join you should be able to instantly pick up a bounty or quest and earn some Rio — so, that’s what we’re working on.


To make this happen, we’re building a quest feature that provides bounties, tracks your completion of them, and rewards you with prizes.

It might also interest you to know that we are building this in a way that enables quest lines to be integrated into real games!

Forgotten Artifacts Integration

For the last eight months, Forgotten Artifacts has been a prime example of blockchain gaming innovation.

In my experience, the game’s developer, Cliff Cawley, is a visionary who builds fast and iterates even faster.

So, when we approached him about developing an in-depth integration between and Forgotten Artifacts I wasn’t surprised about how quickly our ideas escalated into something tangible — and incredible.

The new integration will allow you to;

  1. Link your account to Forgotten Artifacts.
  2. Spend your currencies in Forgotten Artifacts to play “Reward Rounds”.
  3. Collect inventory through Forgotten Artifacts.
  4. Use your centralized inventory within Forgotten Artifacts.

The Forgotten Artifacts rewards integration will first launch on Bounty, then Kriptomat Rewards, followed by further adopters of the platform.

This will enable any project that adopts to achieve seamless integration of their rewards, quests, and items into Forgotten Artifacts and other games.

Rewards SDK (REST API) for Websites, Games and Apps

The integration between Forgotten Artifacts and is made possible by our REST API that allows our network to communicate fluently with external platforms.

This API comes with a simple SDK that any developer can use to sync his website, game, or app with

This essentially enables any project to sync their rewards, items, quests, and discounts with any other project through, while taking advantage of the in-built Enjin integration.

Multiverse Quest Lines

Interestingly, our REST API also allows us to create advanced quest lines that send players across multiple games:

These multiverse quests will be easy to follow and players will be able to track their progress on as they advance through their cross-game adventures.

This makes Bounty the perfect platform to promote all of Enjin’s adopters. Builder: Launching Q2

The Builder will be a self-serve rewards CMS (Content Management System) that anyone can use to create their own platform.

The process will be nice and simple:

Upon the launch of Builder, there will be three packages available.

  • The Essential Package: $65 per month.
  • The Premiere Package: $295 per month.
  • The Ultimate Package: $995 per month.

Minting for Dummies makes it easy for people to create centralized rewards — then add them to the blockchain with a push of a button.

They won’t even need to acquire ETH or ENJ to mint tokens with, they can just press “add to blockchain” and we will handle the rest for them.

It’s hard to imagine an easier way to create blockchain rewards.

We are doing everything we can to clear away all barriers to entry and provide a fool-proof path to adopting blockchain.

Wordpress Extension

As of 2019, WordPress powers 34% of the internet — 75 million websites.

We want to provide those users with a clear path to adopting Enjin so we’re designing an extension that seamlessly embeds into WordPress.

The extension will automatically reward people for their in-site actions and purchases, plus there will be intuitive widgets that showcase reward, quest, and inventory data in web pages and on navigation bars.

Future Features: Unconfirmed

Our goal is to get Enjin-backed assets into as many peoples’ hands as possible.

Considering only 52 thousand wallets are holding ENJ-backed assets right now, the dream of mass adoption is still far away — and that’s why we have so much potential to grow.

We have to work harder as a community.

Shopify, eBay, Wix, Squarespace, and Magento Integrations

To make accessible to everyday people we must provide integrations for all the world’s most popular platforms.

We aim to welcome a portion of these users to the Enjiin movement by creating invisible on-ramps via extensions, apps, and plug-ins.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram Integration

We believe we can make social media more fun and engage by integrating in novel ways.

There’s gigantic audience freely available through the most popular social platforms:

We can’t place any social media integrations on our roadmap at the moment, but we are painfully aware that these users are there, waiting for us.

You can profit off too

We are also offering an easy way for the community to profit off our platform:

  1. Receive subscription tokens.
  2. Sell them on the Enjin Marketplace.

We are currently giving away 12x Subscription Tokens for our top package, valued at $995.

If you win this giveaway, feel free to sell them on the Enjin marketplace by undercutting our $995 price point.

When the Reewardio Builder launches next year, we will even send adopters to buy discounted packages from you.

There’s no speculation involved here, the value of this token is set by

Join this competition and help us spread the word!

A special shout out to the community!

When I look back at our chats, It’s easy to find many conversations that have preceded the direction we have followed.

Whether our choices at were consciously or subconsciously influenced by your feedback, I’d just like to say how much we appreciate the inspiration you provide. Bounty

Multiverse Integration

Multiverse Quests

Thanks for all your support guys!

P.s. If you’re loving this Telegram/Desktop wallpaper ^ here it is.

Let’s make some magic.

See you in the chat.



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