Introducing the Enjin Platform

Create groundbreaking blockchain games using any of the world’s most popular coding languages.

Simon Kertonegoro
7 min readMar 14, 2019

It’s been a long journey to get where we are today.

After a spark of interest inspired our team several years ago, we became driven by blockchain’s potential to create new economies of value where everyone could win.

For us, the beauty of carefully crafted, blockchain-based economic ecosystems is that they are non-zero-sum games.

A blockchain economy is an ecosystem, and if that ecosystem thrives, the economy grows—and everybody wins.

We view each and every game as an ecosystem—a thriving digital economy waiting to happen; fueled by the pure, amazing skill, passion, and creativity of both developers and gamers.

We want to see video games driven by creation of value, fueled with creative thoughts forged into tangible, digital gaming assets — which is why we created a way to build such games.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Enjin Platform on the Ethereum Testnet.

The Enjin Platform is a blockchain PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows you to create and manage blockchain games—without the complexity of building and maintaining any blockchain infrastructure or writing any blockchain-related code.

It is a robust, flexible, powerful suite of tools and services for creating groundbreaking blockchain games.

An all-in-one blockchain game development platform comprised of the Trusted Cloud, Platform API, Wallet Daemon, and Blockchain SDKs.

These tools are designed to be an easily accessible on-ramp for mass adoption of the Ethereum network, and we can’t wait to see what talented game developers across the globe can do with them.

The Enjin Platform: No Blockchain Experience Required

How do you get blockchain development tools into the hands of as many developers as possible?

It’s simple, really .

All you need to do is allow those developers with no blockchain experience to operate smart contracts with minimal effort.

Trusted Cloud

Let’s play a game:

Imagine if the blockchain was a bizarre, non-humanoid alien lifeform.

How would you talk to it?

First, you’d need something in the middle. A communication device.

A universal translator.

We call this translator the Trusted Cloud.

Trusted Cloud is the main backend service of the Enjin Platform; it is a cloud-hosted service that connects games to the Ethereum blockchain.

Trusted Cloud acts as a hub, gathering requests from clients and game servers, interacting with smart contracts on Ethereum, and returning data back to your game.

It also manages the link between users’ game accounts (e.g., SteamID, Xbox Live) and their blockchain identity (e.g., currently linked blockchain wallet address).

Enjin’s intermediary server communicates with Ethereum on your behalf, providing in-built error handling, input validation, and transaction notifications.

Cloud-based for easy access, this solution is now available to use.

Platform API

This game’s fun! Let’s continue playing:

Now, you and the weird alien have this tiny machine.

The critter speaks some kind of super-advanced blockchain language, and you speak Australian (badly). You simply can’t understand one another.

How on earth will you communicate?

Luckily for you, your Trusted Cloud—the best universal translator in this part of the galaxy—comes equipped with powerful decoding software: the Platform API.

Platform API allows you to query and send commands to the Enjin Platform in order to facilitate the development of blockchain games.

You can interact with the Trusted Cloud using the GraphQL-based Platform API, which features full integration with the most popular coding languages on the globe.

While the Enjin Platform is forged in gaming, you can utilize the API to create a myriad of different apps and projects with a vast array of different programming languages:

  • Javascript: Websites, web applications, games, Minecraft, mobile apps, smartwatch apps, web servers, server applications, flying robots, social bots, VR, IoT
  • Ruby: Web applications, web servers, system utilities, databases, biology and medicine applications
  • Lua: Websites, web applications, desktop applications, games, game engines, hardware, software development kits
  • Python: Websites, web applications, desktop applications, machine learning applications, robots, data analytics, browser automation
  • Java: Websites, web application, mobile apps, games, IoT, cloud computing
  • Go: Websites, web applications, mobile apps, cloud computing, desktop applications, IoT, messaging systems
  • SWIFT: iOS Apps, macOS Applications, watchOS apps, tvOS apps
  • C/C++: Operating systems, web browsers, database software, enterprise software, medical and engineering applications, new coding languages
  • PHP: Websites, web applications, server-side scripting, command line scripting, desktop applications
  • Elixir: Web applications, desktop applications, IoT, distributed databases, data analytics, robotics
  • Haskell: Websites, web applications, games, desktop applications, web browsers, data analytics, bots
  • SQL: Databases, machine learning applications
  • Scala: Web applications, data analytics
  • .NET: Web applications, desktop applications

It’s worth noting that the above list isn’t comprehensive; there are many programming languages not on the list.

The full range of possibilities for blockchain integration is now in your hands.

Explore, and have fun!

Wallet Daemon

Final round:

Upon sparking a conversation with this alien blockchain lifeform, you quickly realize that it’s actually a hive mind made up of millions of voices all asking you thousands of questions simultaneously. Completely overwhelming!

How will you respond to all of those voices?

By summoning a Daemon, of course! This lovely fiend will answer queries and automatically take the appropriate actions on your behalf.

Wallet Deamon is a tool that you can use to automate the authorization of transaction requests to and from the Trusted Cloud.

Without the Wallet Daemon, you would need to sign every in-game blockchain transaction via the Enjin Wallet.

Wallet Daemon manages an Ethereum address linked to a Trusted Cloud identity. When a transaction is submitted on the Trusted Cloud, the Wallet Daemon receives that transaction, signs it, and sends it back to the Trusted Cloud.

You can think of the Wallet Daemon as an automated blockchain wallet that enables you to manage large volumes of transactions — without wearing down the skin on your thumbs.

Software Development Kits (SDK)

Software Development Kits are designed to save you even more time — by providing graphical user interfaces for our development tools.

Unity: Boom. We released our Blockchain SDK for Unity today, featuring a simple graphical user interface for creating and managing blockchain assets and users. Check it out!

Godot: We are collaborating with Godot, who are currently working hard to launch their version of our Blockchain SDK prior to GDC, where our CTO

will be demoing the tools alongside Godot’s co-creator Ariel Manzur.

Java & Minecraft: Next up will be the Java SDK and blockchain integration into our existing Minecraft Plugin (DonationCraft), which currently has over 5 million installs.

As we receive feedback and track results from developers, we will continue to create additional tools make it as easy as possible to adopt the Enjin Platform.

Developer Portal

As more than 20 million users of the Enjin Network know and tens of thousands of Enjin Coin supporters understand, Enjin is all about community.

Many great ideas, inspiration, and passion has been derived from these priceless reservoirs of unrestrained imagination—and we want to stoke that same passionate fire within our growing development community.

The developer portal will ensure fluid, easy onboarding by providing:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: For those who love tinkering away and working things out using at their own pace, our growing developer documentation will provide the answers you need to achieve even the most complex integrations autonomously.
  • Rich Developer Communities: A thriving community of developers and adopters where passionate minds can find each other, work together, and inspire the next generation of blockchain game pioneers.
  • Skilled Developer Support: An experienced support team on call to help you keep things moving. Innovation doesn’t wait, and neither should you.

As our early adopters continue to innovate with our tools, what was once a vision is becoming reality backed by tangible results.

Leading-edge developers currently building with the Enjin Platform have raised hundreds of thousands in crowdfunding, gained thousands of community members, and created thriving economies that are growing organically—even prior to the release of their games.

Most people agree that the future of gaming is immersive.

Now, game developers are creating immersive economies with experiences that transcend digital realms and impact players’ day-to-day lives.

That is a bright future for everyone involved—a future we are all building together.

Join us.



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