Cryptocurrrency Markets Consolidate After Worst Month of FUD in History

After a constant barrage of bad news and rumours. Cryptocurrency markets regroup, as red seas part to reveal patches of green grass.

Through the red night comes a brand new day
Trader stressing out because he hasn’t done his own research

Chapter 1: The South Korean P.R. Botch Up

South Korea, the third biggest market in the world for cryptocurrency trades

The Results:

Chapter 2: Chinese Ban On Cryptocurrrency Mining

An industrial bitcoin factory containing thousands of bitcoin miners

The Results:

Chapter 3: Black January, The Yearly Tradition

This kinda went viral

The Results:

Chapter 4: The Biggest Cryptocurrency Hack Ever

Way to show remorse Koichiro

The Results:

Chapter 5: Bitfinex To Be Untethered

Newspaper writes article about itself

The Results:

Chapter 6: Facebook Bans Cryptocurrrency Sponsored Ads

Zucks can’t believe Facebook’s banning cryptocurrency ads

The Result:

Chapter 7: The Great Indian FUD

The iconic Taj Mahal has absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency

The Result:

In Summary

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