This guide will provide actionable strategies to help you market your game to thousands of players while creating a thriving online community and player base before launch.

The Blockchain SDK for Java enables the world’s 9 million Java developers to create, manage, and seamlessly integrate decentralized assets into their games and applications.

The Blockchain SDK for Java: Out Now!

Java developers can now effortlessly create, manage, and integrate blockchain assets into their platforms using the language they know and love.

Create groundbreaking blockchain games using any of the world’s most popular coding languages.

Blockchain projects have promised to fill digital realms with tangible value. Today, we’ll investigate if that’s really possible and, if so, how it could impact our lives and society as a whole.

What if games were designed to provide jobs?

Research shows that 32% of gamers would quit their job if they could support themselves as professional gamers.

The world’s most powerful blockchain game development platform will soon be live on the world’s largest game engine.

With development-focused mantras like “buidl” being popularized in the crypto community, under-hyped projects with consistent development momentum are shining brighter in the dark.

Simon Kertonegoro

Helping game devs build the games of their dreams, on their own terms.

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